Build reliable connections to financial accounts.

Combine the best financial aggregators, increase connection success rate, reduce disconnections and expand into new markets fast - with one unified API.
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The most reliable way users connect their bank accounts to your app.


more reliable connections


fewer disconnections


more institutions supported


of engineering resources saved

Search. Link.

Your users will be able to search for and select their bank via a drop-in component in your app, and then the best bank connection integration will be displayed.

One data model

We provide a consistent model for all bank integrations, handling data transformations and API quirks for you.

Linking financial accounts with Fuse is a no brainer.

get started
Let our experts handle the installation
Fuse engineers can handle the installation process from start to finish. You just need to do is provide us access to your codebase.
Easily add new aggregators
We partner with aggregators to help you get contracts and API keys in no time.
No aggregator minimums
Fuse helps you negotiate no minimum contracts from aggregators.

Ready to support you globally.

With our international support for aggregators, you can launch into other countries with speed.


Customize the look and feel of the search page so your customers can’t tell the difference.