fuse partner program

Accelerate your business with financial connection APIs

Fuse partners with leading fintech companies to help them offer financial data aggregator solutions to their customers.

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Why partner with Fuse?

Unlock new revenue streams and accelerate your business by partnering with Fuse to offer financial data aggregation APIs to your customers. White label our SDKs & Admin Dashboards and enable your customers to build financial data aggregation into their products.

Key benefits

Universal aggregator support

Offer your customers seamless integration with top US and global aggregators like MX, Finicity, and Akoya. See full list here.

Diverse front-end SDKs

Empower your customers with adaptable white-label solutions across platforms: React, React Native, Flutter, iOS, and Android.

Back-end SDKs

Facilitate your customers' backend processes with our open API definitions and a suite of SDKs for Node.js, Ruby, Python, Java, and PHP.

Branded to you

Elevate your customer's trust and loyalty as they engage with a high-quality product that resonates with the familiar excellence of your brand.

All in one admin dashboard

Equip your customers with an intuitive dashboard, encompassing Analytics, Logs, Billing, and more, for optimal oversight.

More revenue

Expand your product offerings in days without having to build out support for 5+ aggregators, perfect unification and all the other issues Fuse fixes.


Companies expanding with financial connections.

industries perfect for whitelabelling

IDV services

Already offering IDV? Own more of the fintech stack by offering financial connection support.

Payment processors

Paying from anywhere means the need to obtain bank account information from anyone. Add bank accounts to checkout flow to give more options to the end user.

BAAS providers

Offering financial connections, card issuing and bank accounts is everything a fintech needs to get started. Own the whole stack.

Ready to offer financial connections?

Schedule a short demo with our sales team to see Fuse in action and discover if Fuse is right for your business.