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Fund quickly & safely using real-time financial data.

With Fuse, gain access to accurate revenue and expenses using AI & real time bank data so you can trust the financial health of a business, shortening funding times & reducing fraud.

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Key benefits

Predict whose going out of business

Our platform analyzes expense data to forecast cashflow, helping you spot businesses facing financial troubles.

Unmatched classification of revenue & expenses

Streamline lending with intelligent categorization of revenue and expenses.

Wave goodbye to fraud

Transition to a digital platform and minimize the risks associated with paper-based financial records.

Real time financial information

See financial health in real time and quickly make informed risk decisions.

Lower costs by eliminating manual work

Automate the collection of financial details, optimizing team productivity and reducing expenses.

Unreconciled books? Not an issue

Forget about unreconciled books; our AI simplifies transaction labeling, ensuring accurate revenue and expenses.

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